Will there be sudden deafness when working in a noisy environment for a long time?

      If the volume heard by the human ear exceeds 85 decibels, auditory hallucinations will appear for a long time.There is a hearing receptor in our ears. When your hair cells are stimulated by sound, they undergo a series of reaction processes to make people hear.If the sound in the earphone is too loud and lasts too long, it will over-stimulate the hair cells and reduce the sensitivity and cause substantial damage.If it takes more than two hours, part of the hair cells will die completely and cause irreversible hearing damage.

      Noise-induced deafness is a slow and progressive sensory deafness that occurs due to long-term hearing effects.The main symptoms are progressive hearing loss and tinnitus. Early hearing loss is at 4,000 Hz. Therefore, it has no obvious effect on ordinary speech. It is only found in audiometer examination. Later, the hearing loss gradually develops towards high and low frequencies. General decline, hearing impairment is felt at this time, severe cases can be completely deaf, tinnitus and deafness can occur at the same time, or separately, often high-pitched tinnitus

      When the volume is as high as 110 decibels, it is enough to damage the ear hair cells in the human body and cause sudden deafness.In severe cases, unrecoverable hearing loss may occur.The output volume of headphones is generally around 84 decibels, and some high-frequency ranges can reach 125 decibels. That is to say, this kind of volume is too exciting for the ears!Over time, it will cause hearing loss and sudden deafness. In severe cases, permanent deafness and neurasthenia will occur.

      In short, strong noise will cause a series of physiological and pathological changes in the human body.Someone once surveyed 95 people working in an environment with a noise level of 202 decibels. 39% were dizzy, 32% were insomnia, 27% were headache, 27% were stomach pain, and 27% were palpitation. 27% suffer from memory decline, 22% suffer from upset, 18% suffer from poor appetite, and 12% suffer from high blood pressure.Therefore, we cannot ignore the strong noise, and we should take measures to prevent it.

4. Health monitoring: Hearing should be checked before employment. Those suffering from sensorineural hearing loss and noise sensitivity should avoid working in a strong noise environment.For those who have been exposed to noise for a long time, hearing should be checked regularly to detect early hearing damage in time.There is currently no effective treatment for “noise-induced deafness”. The best way is to immediately get out of the noise environment and promote the natural recovery of hearing.

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