Does child malnutrition cause hearing impairment?

Child is not nutritiousWill it cause hearing impairment?

      In response to this result, the author believes that attention should be paid to improving the nutritional level of children or providing nutritional supplements including vitamin A to reduce the risk of hearing impairment in children as adults.

The child is born, most of the bai is due to genetic factors, or the mother was infected with rubella, measles, herpes and other viruses during pregnancy, or the use of aminocarbohydrate antibiotics (streptomycin, gentamicin, kanamycin) Etc.) Or the mother’s alcohol or drug abuse during pregnancy damages the inner ear and auditory nerve of the fetus. In addition, from the fourth to 60th week of pregnancy, the fetal nervous system is developing, sudden noise or incorrect use Prenatal music (more than XNUMX decibels) can affect the development of the fetal auditory nerve.

Three: caused by the use of ototoxic drugsHearing loss: Common ototoxic drugs include gentamicin, salicylic acid analgesics, diuretics, anticancer drugs, etc., common deaf chemicals such as aluminum, phosphorus, arsenic, benzene, etc.

Five: Hearing loss caused by noise: Infants are stimulated by noise for a long time, which can cause progressive hearing loss.

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