Will children get otitis media after coughing for 2 weeks?

       After the Eustachian tube is blocked, the air cannot enter the middle ear, and the air in the middle ear is continuously absorbed by the mucous membrane, which makes the air pressure inside and outside the tympanic membrane imbalance, causing ear fullness and even otitis media.Therefore, in the outpatient otolaryngology department of small patients with otitis media, more than 80% are caused by a cold.

       It is recommended that when young children have a cold, they should also visit the ENT department to check their ears.In order to prevent the development of chronic otitis media due to the lack of effective treatment in the early stage of otitis media, it will not only affect the treatment effect, such as purulent and exudative otitis media, but also seriously affect the child’s hearing.

2. Swimming.When swimming, water will enter the ear from the external auditory canal, but if the tympanic membrane has no holes, water will not enter the middle ear from the external ear.However, if there are a lot of people in the swimming pool and the cleanliness and hygiene are not in place, bacteria or disinfectants in the water will enter the body through the child’s nose and mouth, leading to a cold and then otitis media.When swimming ears get water, remember to take a cotton swab dipped in a little ear canal cleaning solution and gently wipe around the ear canal to effectively kill bacteria in the ear canal and prevent otitis media caused by bacteria infection!

3. Lie down and drink milk.A research report from the United States stated that when babies lie flat and drink water or milk, the water or milk will flow into the nasopharynx, which may cause otitis media.Therefore, when your baby drinks milk or other beverages, he should raise his head and wipe off the water or milk that comes out at any time.

4. Fatigue.Insufficient sleep or excessive physical exertion is the main reason for the decline in immunity.A regular life, a balanced diet and moderate exercise are very important for maintaining health.Therefore, don’t let your child get too tired from playing, and be sure to let him get adequate rest. In addition, use ear canal cleaning fluid to strengthen the care of the ears, protect the child’s hearing, and effectively prevent the occurrence of various ear diseases.

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