Under what circumstances does deafness worsen?

1. Noise: Noise is an important factor that directly causes hearing loss and an important cause of deafness.If you work or live in a high-decibel noise environment for a long time, the auditory cells will gradually be damaged.If things go on like this, tinnitus and hearing loss will occur.

4. Drugs: Ototoxic drugs are an important factor in causing deafness. Medical research shows that common drugs that can cause deafness include aminoglycoside antibiotics, as well as some anti-tumor drugs, diuretics, and anti-inflammatory painkillers.

7. Unhealthy diet.Eating more foods rich in zinc, iron, and calcium can effectively expand the capillaries, thereby promoting blood supply to the inner ear and preventing hearing loss.

      Wear suitableHearing aid.Many people feel that their hearing will get worse after wearing a hearing aid, just like the higher the degree of wearing glasses and the worsening of their eyesight. This is the inevitable result of the deterioration of vision, and the sense of hearing is the same.Hearing aid, It will only aggravate hearing difficulties and aggravate the process of hearing degradation.To be precise, after accurate fitting and the use of suitable and qualified hearing aids, not only will it not lead to worsening hearing and aggravate the degree of deafness, but it will help alleviate the process of deafness.

      As the saying goes:’word-of-mouth’ deafness is not only a hearing impairment, but also a communication impairment, unable to understand other people’s sentences normally. Therefore, deafness is often manifested in communication.I hope that the elderly with hearing impairment will never give up their ears and make our life more exciting!

      Generally speaking, hearing loss is a relatively common clinical manifestation, and there are many reasons for hearing loss.After hearing loss, you need to go to the otolaryngology department as soon as possible to do an audiology test, otoscope examination, and assess the cause and extent of the hearing loss.

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