Is it Parkinson that the old man’s ears are so insensitive?

      Parkinson’s disease is a relatively serious disease. It is very dangerous for middle-aged and elderly people. The symptoms may not be too obvious in the early stage, but in the late stage, the patient will completely lose the ability to live on his own.

      The special posture has a certain relationship with the patient’s muscles and tension. In the early stage, the performance of the special posture will be more obvious. Some patients will have the head tilted forward or the trunk slightly bent. These conditions will follow the disease. The development of the country continues to aggravate.However, if there is a special posture in the early stage, the patient’s body will have obvious discomfort. At this time, the hospital can be considered for examination.

      Parkinson’s is a relatively serious neurological disease, so it will also have a certain impact on the patient’s activity function. The more obvious manifestation in the early stage is slowness of action.Because of the influence of special posture and muscle changes, patients will have obvious obstacles when performing sports or more delicate work, which is much slower than normal.

      Speech disorder is a typical symptom of Parkinson’s patients, and slurred speech will appear in the later stage.This is because the patient’s nerve function is damaged, which will affect the operation of local nerves and muscles when speaking, and when speaking, it can be found that there is no special intonation and the rhythm of the speech is unremarkable.

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