Surprised by Bao Chunlai’s left ear deafness suspected of improper rest

In the Zhejiang Satellite TV program “I’m Not a Star” last night, Bao Chunlai, a former national badminton player, was deaf in his left ear.

As a former national badminton player, Bao Chunlai and Lin Dan were also known as the Gemini of Chinese badminton, but since retiring with a knee injury in 2011, he has moved to the entertainment industry.During this period, due to high-intensity training, Bao Chunlai suffered tinnitus and dizziness.Due to the work contract, he did not seek medical treatment in time, and according to his niece’s Weibo, he was “nearly deaf.”

I would like to appeal here that everyone should pay more attention to rest. Improper rest can also cause tinnitus.Taking this opportunity, the editor interviewed hearing experts from Chinese manufacturing companies to popularize tinnitus related knowledge:

Occurrence of tinnitus

The occurrence of tinnitus is related to fatigue, sleep, emotional factors, blood circulation in the brain, and hypoxia in the inner ear.

If it is transient tinnitus, don’t be too nervous.If tinnitus persists, especially when it is accompanied by other symptoms, such as deafness, dizziness, headache, etc., be vigilant.Tinnitus can also be the first symptom of some serious diseases, or the aura of a certain disease. For example, tinnitus is often the first symptom of acoustic neuroma; increased tinnitus in hypertensive patients often indicates an increase in blood pressure.

Common factors that cause or aggravate tinnitus

External ear diseases: such as external otitis, cerumen embolism, eustachian tube obstruction, tympanic effusion, otosclerosis, etc.;

Inner ear diseases: such as Meniere’s disease, acoustic neuroma, manic deafness, drug poisoning, presbycusis, etc.;

Systemic diseases: such as hypertension, hypotension, arteriosclerosis, anemia, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, cervical spondylosis, etc.;

Psychology: Stress from heavy work, mental stress, accidents, etc. can aggravate tinnitus;

Fatigue: Fatigue can easily cause or aggravate tinnitus;

Lifestyle: Chocolate, tobacco, excessive alcohol, etc. can aggravate tinnitus.

Tinnitus examination

1. Under normal circumstances, tinnitus should be checked with electrical audiometry to see if it is neurogenic or conductive.

2. If you want to know the frequency and loudness of tinnitus, you should perform a tinnitus matching check.

3. To rule out middle ear diseases, check whether the tympanic membrane is intact and inverted.If there is a feeling of swelling and stuffiness in the ears or nasal congestion, electrical audiometry and acoustic impedance should be checked to determine whether it is caused by non-suppurative otitis media.If otosclerosis is ruled out, a CT examination of the ear is required.

4. If you want to rule out cervical spondylosis, you should perform neck X-ray or CT examination.

5. If you want to rule out brain diseases, you can consider CT examination of the brain.

6. To rule out other systemic diseases, other necessary systemic examinations (such as blood pressure, renal function, thyroid B-ultrasound, thyroid function determination, serum zinc determination, etc.) should be performed according to the doctor’s recommendation.

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