What is going on with the buzzing of ears all day long?

The sixth type, otitis media, is a troublesome ear disease. Generally, due to careless hygiene, there are germs caused by bacteria in the ears. When tinnitus occurs, there will be bouts of pain. In severe cases, the ear will be very painful. It hurts. In most cases, only one ear hurts, and the other is normal. In this case, one side of the external medicine will not work, and you must go to the hospital for treatment. The sooner the better.

XNUMX. Eat more iron-containing diets: Too little iron will cause red blood cells to harden and cannot effectively pass through the capillaries of the inner ear. At this time, insufficient oxygen and nutrition will cause ear damage and cause tinnitus.Therefore, it is very important for patients to eat more iron-rich foods.Common foods with high iron content are seaweed, black sesame, dried shrimp skin, black fungus, soy products and so on.

XNUMX. Regular consumption of foods that have the effect of promoting blood circulation: promoting blood circulation foods can help improve blood vessel conditions, activate blood vessels, and reduce blood viscosity, thereby ensuring normal blood circulation in the blood vessels of the ears.You can often eat red wine, leeks, black fungus, yellow wine, etc., but you should control the amount of alcohol to avoid aggravating the condition.

XNUMX. Change bad habits: Smoking and drinking too much can aggravate the condition of tinnitus.At the same time, a diet high in fat and sugar will increase blood viscosity, so eat less.At the same time, attention should be paid to the rational use of drugs, as some drugs have toxic effects on ear organs.When seeing a doctor for other diseases, you should also explain your tinnitus symptoms to your doctor.

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