Daily manifestations of hearing loss?

Hearing lossDaily performance?

      To listen to soft talk in a quiet environment, you need to raise your ears, close your distance, and focus to hear clearly; sometimes you need others to repeat it to hear well.It is more difficult to listen to soft voices in a noisy environment; the surrounding environmental sounds cover these sounds in a high proportion, and the audibility is lower; it is easier for people to ignore the softer voice of the other party, and it is easy to encounter embarrassment.Hearing aids can help ease this embarrassment.

      Talking closer, focusing on lip reading, repeating speech, speaking louder at normal distances, etc. are all effective ways to improve the audibility of normal voices.At this time, you can wear a hearing aid to assist your hearing.

      Hearing loss is divided into three levels: mild, moderate and severe. Moderate hearing loss has seriously affected people’s normal life. It is also very important to prevent hearing loss in normal times, especially some high-decibel noises, which can easily damage people. Some damage to the eardrum of the patient cannot be rebounded. Only by starting prevention can we have a healthy body.

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