Five dietary regimens to restore hearing

Tinnitus is often a precursor to hearing loss. Abnormal sound sensations produced without any external stimuli are mostly caused by ear diseases, heart disease, high blood pressure and other reasons. Tinnitus patients should take more rest in addition to daily rest, ensure sleep, and thoughts. In addition to relaxation, you can also consume some diet therapy to assist in the treatment.The following editor will bring you several treatments for tinnitus听损, Let’s take a look at a diet therapy that is very effective in restoring hearing.

Steamed Egg with Flower Clam

Materials:2 eggs, 1 plate of clams, 1 teaspoon of cooking wine, 1 teaspoon of light soy sauce, a few drops of olive oil


1. Beat the eggs into the container; add a little olive oil, cooking wine, and water to mix the eggs evenly

2. Put the flower clams in the pot and blanch until you open your mouth; remove the flower clams

3. Put the hot clams into the dish; filter the stirred egg liquid into the placed clams

4. Let stand for a minute; cover with plastic wrap

5. Put it in a pot and steam over high heat for 7 minutes, take it out when cooked; sprinkle a little light soy sauce to taste

Shrimp Eggs



1. Prepare all the ingredients; the quick-frozen shrimps melt and drain the water.Add pepper, salt and marinate for 10 minutes

2. Chop the green onions; break up the eggs, add appropriate amount of salt and cooking wine and mix well

3. Pour a small amount of oil into the pot, heat it, and sauté half of the chopped green onions; add the marinated shrimp, stir fry until broken

4. Pour the fried shrimps into the egg mixture and stir evenly; add the oil in a separate pot and heat up, then pour the egg mixture with shrimps

5. Quickly stir and fry evenly, sprinkle with the remaining chopped green onions after the egg is solidified; add chicken essence and stir evenly.


Materials:猪里脊肉200克、鸡蛋2个、黄瓜1根、黑木耳1把、干黄花菜1把、食盐1.5茶匙、鸡精1/2茶匙、料酒1/2汤匙、生抽1/2汤匙、植物油2 汤匙、小葱1根、生粉3克、白糖1/2茶匙


1. Prepare all the ingredients, wash and slice cucumbers, chopped green onions and chopped green onions

2. Slice pork tenderloin, add light soy sauce, cooking wine and cornstarch, and marinate for a while

3. Dried black fungus and dried day lily, soak them in water, drain the water, and beat the eggs.

4. Pour 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil into the pot to heat up, pour the egg liquid into the pan first, fry and serve.

5. Pour 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil to heat, sauté the green onion, add the tenderloin and stir fry until the color changes, pour in the fungus and daylily and stir fry for a while

6. Add salt, chicken essence and sugar, finally add egg and cucumber slices, stir well

Pineapple Spare Ribs



1. After peeling the pineapple, diced into the container, soak in salt water for about 20 minutes; beat the diced pineapple into sauce with a blender

2. The squeezed out is thick sauce. After filtering a little, pickle the ribs, add a little light soy sauce to enhance the flavor and color

3. Take only the egg whites from the eggs, add them to the ribs together, grab evenly with your hands, and marinate for 30 minutes

4. Put all the ribs on the kitchen paper and let them absorb the excess soup; the ribs are covered with a thin layer of corn starch

5. Put the ribs into the hot oil pan and fry until golden, remove and drain the oil

6. Adjust the juice: add a little cornstarch, light soy sauce, sugar, vinegar to pineapple juice

7. After boiling the gorgon sauce in a clean pot until transparent, add the fried pork ribs and pineapple.

8. Use a shovel to quickly stir-fry the ingredients in the pot evenly and turn off the heat

Fried Dragon Fruit Fish Cake



1. Brush a thin layer of oil on the pan, heat it up, put in isinglass, and dilute it

2. Fry on medium and small fire until golden on both sides, let cool and cut into small dices

3. Wash and dry dragon fruitClean the skin, cut a slit from 1/5, use a knife to make a cross knife on the pitaya flesh, take out the flesh, save the shell as a container, randomly cut a few cuts on the edge to make the shell look more beautiful

4. Peel and dice carrots, and dice celery after washing

5. Heat up the oil pan, pour the diced carrots and stir-fry until soft. Sprinkle some water during the frying process.

6,invertedInputCelery diced, stir fry until the color of celery diced turns green, putSeason with salt and set aside

7. Pour the fried and diced fish cakes into the pan, pour in some light soy sauce, stir fry evenly, pour in the carrots and celery that have just been fried, pour in the diced dragon fruit, stir and fry evenly

8,Add cornstarch to water and mix it into water starch, pour it into the pot, make a thin glutinous rice flour, stir-fry evenly.Possible

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