Can my child’s hearing loss be treated?

       At the critical age of language development (within 3 years of age), lack of stimulation of speech and environmental sounds, there will be obstacles in the hearing-speech chain, which will affect their future speech-language development.The light ones will lead to ambiguity, the heavy ones will lead to hearing and speech disorders, and even lead to a series of problems such as withdrawn personality, inattention and learning difficulties.And when children learn to speak, they must listen before they can speak.

       If you have no hearing (this requires professional organization to test and verify in many ways), you can consider doing cochlear implants.Cochlear implants are undergoing surgery, so you must be cautious and do it only when you fully ensure that the hearing aid is ineffective, or you will regret it for a lifetime.There are scars and no traces of heart marks. You need to be careful.

       If a child cannot speak or expresses unclearly, parents must be patient, perform speech rehabilitation training, and verify the effect of the child’s hearing aid. Generally, real ear analysis is used, but many experts say real ear analysis In fact, it is not very accurate. Of course, children can only rely on him if they do not have the ability to express themselves. If they have the ability to express themselves, they can be subjectively tested, so that the effect is even better. Of course, it is in the operation of the professional audiologist.If you hear it, you may not be able to say it, so you have to go to a formal professional speech rehabilitation institution, which can generally be improved.

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