What is the cause of hearing loss?

Lead to hearingWhat is the reason for the drop?

2. Systemic diseases: autonomic disorders, lack of blood supply to the brain, pre-stroke, hypertension, hypotension, anemia, diabetes, and malnutrition.

3. Eating irritating foods: irritating foods such as tobacco, alcohol, and barbecue are also important reasons for hearing loss. Too much irritating foods usually cause severe irritation to the capillaries and auditory nerves of the ears.

5. Excessive pressure: long-term work pressure is too high, the spirit is in a state of tension for a long time, the inner ear is stimulated to cause spasm and blockage of the auditory nerve capillaries, causing blood supply disorders in the inner ear, neuroepithelial cell ischemia, insufficient supply and necrosis, thus making hearing loss Decline when there is no sign.Experts from Haizhisheng remind all friends to find, diagnose and treat deaf patients early.

6. Aging: Aging is one of the most common diseases is presbycusis or age-relatedHearing loss, This type of loss will occur over time, usually in both ears, so it is sometimes difficult to notice.

      Congenital sensorineural hearing loss occurs during pregnancy.It is usually caused by some rare causes: maternal diabetes, hypoxia at birth, genetics, and intrauterine transmission to the baby.

      Nowadays, hospitals generally conduct hearing screenings on newborns. Some children with hearing loss can be diagnosed immediately and can be treated with hearing aids and cochlear implants to help them develop language.

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