Does tinnitus have anything to do with the season?

       Generally speaking, noise with an intensity exceeding the safety noise standard (85~90 decibels) may cause tinnitus and deafness.But for the same intensity of noise, there are individual sensitivity differences, and only the sensitive people are hurt or the degree of harm is more severe.

       In patients with tinnitus for a long time, under the effect of tinnitus noise, the mental pressure is increasing, and a lot of negative emotions such as irritability, anxiety, restlessness, etc. are generated, which has a great impact on family life; at the same time, under the influence of tinnitus, the quality of night sleep decreases , Causing problems such as inability to concentrate during the day and difficulty in listening, resulting in emotional tension and fatigue, resulting in greatly reduced work quality and learning efficiency.If tinnitus is incurable, patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and some ear diseases, under the influence of long-term tinnitus, they will also aggravate their own condition, eventually forming a vicious circle and causing serious harm.

       Avoid going to some high-noise environments in daily life.In daily life, there are many places where the noise is relatively loud, and it is very easy to cause certain damage to the ears at this time.For example, the residents around the airport and the railway station should pay special attention to the protection of their ears.Because living in a noisy environment for a long time is very easy to cause ear ringing.For example, people who often like to go to KTV to sing are also very prone to dizziness and headache, accompanied by tinnitus, nausea and vomiting.

       In daily life, you can eat more foods rich in vitamin B and folic acid can also reduce tinnitus.Many people in life have nerve damage. At this time, neurologists usually prescribe some drugs that nourish nerves. The most important drugs are vitamin B1, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12. People with nerve damage are in daily routine Life can also eat more foods rich in folic acid.All kinds of fresh vegetables and fruits are rich in various vitamins and folic acid. Regular eating of fresh vegetables and fruits can help protect nerve function to a certain extent.

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