What is the situation of the elderly with unclear ears and the loudness of the sound?

In the case of the elderly, it is usually sensorineural deafness.The elderly at this stage can hear, but can’t hear clearly.Most of them are due to the lack of outer hair cells and the consequent loss of peripheral hearing and frequency selection ability, which leads to distortion of auditory processing, and finally makes the speech recognition and understanding of senile hearing impaired have certain obstacles; it is recommended that the elderly should have a binaural test matchHearing aid, It is debugged by the practitioners, and the trial-listening can achieve a better effect.

The auditory nerve of the human body is like a telephone line, with many fibers inside, and a layer of myelin sheath on the outside.With age, the myelin sheath will be damaged and lost, which will affect the auditory nerve function and cause hearing loss.As a result, the elderly often interrupted when talking, and often only heard the sound and did not understand the meaning. These are the biggest characteristics of presbycusis.The deaf elderly will also have a reduced ability to understand language, and they will always ask the other party to repeat, which seriously affects communication.The sound is too small to hear, and the sound is too loud and too noisy. This is because presbycusis is neurological and the tolerance threshold of the sound changes.There are also elderly people who are overly sensitive to individual voices and feel uncomfortable when they hear them, and prefer to stay in a quiet environment.Because of the fear of being laughed at and causing trouble to others, deaf elderly people often avoid communication, close themselves, become lonely or irritable, and easily lead to Alzheimer’s.

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