Can neurological deafness be optimistic?

Surgical treatment: There are two concepts in surgical treatment, one is the surgical placement of a cochlear implant (described later), so that it can listen to acoustic speech, and the other is the operation of intracranial space-occupying lesions that cause sensorineural hearing loss, and recovery through surgery hearing.

Optional hearing aids to compensate hearing: For deaf people with sensorineural hearing loss, wearing hearing aids is the most effective and successful method.Hearing aids can solve the obstacles to communication with others, restore self-confidence, and develop physical and mental health. It is even more important for deaf children. Wearing hearing aids can enable the development and use of hearing and speech, making them deaf but not dumb, and out of the silent world.

Sensorineural deafness The treatment of sensorineural deafness is tricky, and it is unlikely to be cured. Most patients in the hospital are irreversible neurolabyrinthous and obsolete lesions. In fact, there are no indications for drug treatment, but such lesions The early stage is not incurable, such as ototoxic antibiotic poisoning. Except neomycin can quickly cause deafness, it usually develops slowly. It usually takes several months to cause deafness. At the early stage of the disease (within 2 weeks), if found in time Hormone therapy may improve or even cure.However, most patients often have exceeded the optimal treatment time when they see a doctor, causing irreversible hearing impairment.Sudden deafness The treatment of sudden deafness has various results. If the patient is relatively young, the degree of deafness is not severe, and the patient is found in time (within one month of onset), the treatment effect is often effective and the hearing may be possible Improve or even heal.If the patient is older and has various underlying diseases, such as high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia, vascular sclerosis, etc., plus the degree of deafness is more serious, such as total deafness, the effect of such sudden deafness treatment is often Relatively poor.If the course of sudden deafness is more than one month, the curative effect is often not good, and the result may be a lifelong hearing impairment.

Choose the hearing rehabilitation equipment that suits you in time: choose hearing aids or implant electronic cochlea.Hearing aids are accepted by the majority of hearing-impaired patients because they do not require surgery, are convenient to wear, have low costs, and are quick to adapt. Most patients with neurological deafness can achieve satisfactory results by wearing hearing aids.FindHearing loss, See a doctor in time, and don’t delay the treatment of drugs that are not effective. Choose a hearing aid that suits you for hearing compensation in time. This will not only improve communication skills, but also protect residual hearing and slow down the process of deafness!

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