The old man can’t hear what’s going on?

      The inaudibility of old people’s ears is a manifestation of the human body’s aging process in the auditory organ.The pathogenesis of presbycusis is more complicated, and it is not clear at present.Some data indicate that the incidence of presbycusis in elderly patients with hyperlipidemia is significantly higher than that of the normal blood lipid group.Long-term exposure to noise, the influence of different eating habits, and genetic factors can all cause presbycusis.

      If the elderly cannot hear, it means the hearing loss of the ears affects normal communication. It is recommended to go to the hospital to check the hearing and determine what caused it.Then combined with the doctor’s treatment and plan, if you can’t get medication, go to the hearing aid fitting center for consultation and audition to see the effect of the hearing aid. The sooner you intervene, the better

      5. Patients with presbycusis need not only physical care and concern, but also mental and psychological care.

      Elderly people can’t hear or hear clearly because their hearing loss further causes a drop in speech recognition rate, which leads to hearing sounds, but they can’t hear the specific content of language signals.At present, the most effective method is to select hearing aids and perform cochlear implants.The cost of cochlear implantation is relatively high, and the general elderly will not choose it.The matching of hearing aids has become the most popular choice for the elderly.I want to choose a suitable oneHearing aid, It requires strict scientific fitting.It is recommended to go to the hearing aid fitting center for hearing test, hearing appraisal, and hearing analysis to explore the hearing needs, then try the hearing aid and finally choose a suitable oneHearing aid.Family members should also support and encourage the elderly.Because most people will be uncomfortable when they first intervene.But after a period of adaptation, I believe it will bring a different listening effect to most elderly people.

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