Will tinnitus worsen in winter?

      In terms of diet, you should eat more foods containing calcium, iron, and zinc to help dilate capillaries, improve blood supply to the inner ear, and prevent hearing loss. It is also important to ensure adequate sleep, maintain a happy mood, and manage stress.

      In general, tinnitus affects hearing more or less.But some tinnitus, especially tinnitus caused by various ear diseases, is more closely related to hearing loss.Such as Meniere’s disease, otitis media, acoustic neuroma and so on.Some tinnitus is not necessarily related to hearing loss, such as those caused by systemic diseases such as hypertension, anemia, diabetes, etc. This is often the case. Patients suffer from tinnitus for many years, but their hearing can remain normal or stable.

      Experts point out that brain atrophy and Alzheimer’s are related to hearing loss and tinnitus.Long-term hearing loss and tinnitus can cause people to be upset, worried, anxious, anxious, and depressed.The hearing loss of the elderly, long-term non-acceptance of sound signal stimulation, the hearing system, including the auditory center, the ability to process sound information will quickly decrease, which will aggravate hearing loss and tinnitus; reduced communication will also accelerate people’s mental aging, and the elderly will become Withdrawn personality, dementia, decreased communication skills, and greatly affected the quality of life.

      In addition, tinnitus and hearing loss can also have a serious impact on our mental and physical health.First, it will affect mood and sleep.Long-term severe tinnitus can cause emotional changes such as anxiety, anxiety, and depression.Especially in the dead of night, tinnitus is more serious, so that it is difficult to fall asleep, and a vicious circle occurs.In addition, it will affect work and family.Because I can’t hear other people’s speech clearly, and I have to endure the tremendous pain caused by tinnitus, but often can’t be understood by others, my work efficiency has decreased, and I have gradually lost interest in work and study.There are many people who seek medical treatment and medicine for a long time because of tinnitus, causing economic losses and even huge economic pressure, and some even affect the harmony of husband and wife and family.

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