What should I do if the elderly are deaf?

Hearing is not very good as soon as a person reaches his age. 90% of the elderly suffer from deafness, and sometimes he can’t hear others calling him more than a dozen times.People are afraid of old age, because when people get old, there will be many bad phenomena. When people get old, their skin will also age, and various organs will age. Old people also have ears after getting old. There will be hearing impairment. If the elderly suddenly cannot hear, the impact and harm in daily life will be very great. After the deafness of the elderly, they will not hear many things, and it is inconvenient to do things.

1. Noise-free. Noise can damage the inner ear and accelerate the occurrence and development of premature senile deafness. Therefore, avoid contact with noise, and avoid exposure to gun sounds, explosions, and strong gongs and drums.If you are capable, you should live far away from downtowns and factories, and live in the countryside or in a relatively quiet environment.

XNUMX. Quit smoking and alcohol. Because the nicotine and carbon monoxide in the cigarette and the methanol and ethanol in the wine towel have a toxic effect on the inner ear.

Presbycusis is a gradual development process, and it is not easy to detect at the initial stage, so it is best to have a hearing check every year.Once hearing loss occurs, you must go to a regular hospital for treatment, and you must not buy online at willHearing aid, This may cause further hearing loss.

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