What problems should be paid attention to to prevent binaural hearing loss?

Prevent both earsWhat issues should be paid attention to when deaf?

      Long-term exposure to noise will make the elderly people’s hearing loss more prone to fatigue. The tiny blood vessels of the inner ear are often in a state of spasm, making the inner ear insufficient blood supply, hearing will quickly decline, and even noise-induced deafness.Studies have shown that one group of people living in a noisy environment has a hearing loss of 60 decibels, while another group of people living in a strong noise environment has a hearing loss of 80 decibels.Therefore, the elderly should minimize the interference of noise on hearing.When the inner ear is impacted by huge sound waves, such as blasting through mountains, jet planes, firecrackers, thunder, etc., it can damage the tympanic membrane and cause deafness in both ears.Wear earplugs when encountering the above situations to deal with strong sound stimulation.

      The elderly like to dig their ears with ear picks, matchsticks, etc.This is because the physiological blood circulation of the elderly is weakened, the secretions in the ear canal are reduced, and the ear canal feels dry and cracked, and sometimes feel itchy, unbearable, and can be temporarily relieved by the stimulation of ear removal.But doing so can easily damage the ear canal and cause infection, inflammation, and even damage the tympanic membrane.The correct method is to use a cotton swab to soak a little alcohol or glycerin and wipe the ear canal lightly when it is unbearable.Vitamin E, vitamin C and cod liver oil can also be taken orally to relieve the itching of the inner ear.In addition, you should also prevent water from entering your ears at ordinary times.Elderly people feel not sensitive enough, they may bring sewage into their ears when washing their face, and they do not feel uncomfortable, which can easily cause external ear canal infection and inflammation, spreading to the tympanic membrane, and affecting hearing.

      If you wear headphones for a long time to listen to music; always use one ear to listen to the phone or talk for too long. The doctor said that it is not advisable to set the volume too loud for listening to music, watching TV, and listening to music with headphones, generally around 85 decibels.In addition, long-term mental stress and failure to arrange work and rest are also bad habits and should be changed.

      Hearing plays an important role in our lives, but there are many factors in our lives that can affect hearing and even cause deafness.Therefore, in order to avoid deafness, everyone should do a good job in preventing deafness.

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