Will people with tinnitus have hearing problems?

Tinnitus and deafness are the most common symptoms when the auditory system is abnormal. It is not accurate to say that tinnitus is bound to deafness, but tinnitus and deafness often accompany each other. If you have tinnitus symptoms for a long time, you must go to a professional otologist. See a doctor.

Generally speaking, tinnitus is not dead for life. You should have a correct understanding of tinnitus and a healthy attitude, and seek timely medical treatment and actively treat it.

Tinnitus often brings great pain to patients, and sometimes even affects normal life and work.The diagnosis of tinnitus first requires a medical history and examination of the ears and the whole body to find out the cause, and then treat the cause.In severe cases, sedatives and vitamin B1, oryzanol can be given as appropriate.Or wear a hearing aid or use a tinnitus masker for treatment, that is, use sound to mask the tinnitus. In addition, more explanations and guidance should be done to the patient to eliminate doubts, and the symptoms can be reduced or even disappeared.

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