Protecting hearing starts from mastering the 60-60-60 principle

3Month3Day is the thirteenth National Ear Day, and this year’s theme isReduce noise and protect hearing, In order to prevent noise from damaging hearing health and effectively reduce the occurrence of hearing disabilities.Nanjing otolaryngology experts advise to protect hearing from mastery60-60-60The principle begins.

White-collar workers wear headphones and take the subway to heardeaf

White-collar friends who travel through offices, subways and homes all day, living a three-point line of life, putting on headphones to listen to music to relieve fatigue, relieve stress, and adjust state has become the consensus of more and more white-collar workers.In addition, in the face of crowded subway crowds and long subway journeys, headphones are also a very good music companion.However, experts remind that hearing impairment is not easy to detect, and wearing headphones for a long time in noisy environments such as subways is not good for health.

Citizen Mr. Pei has been accustomed to wearing earphones to take the subway for two years. Before, he only needed to take six stops. However, because of the adjustment of his work place in the second half of last year, he had to change to Line XNUMX every day and take more seats.8Station road, so the time to listen to music with headphones on the subway is a lot longer than usual.During the Chinese New Year this year, when Mr. Pei’s house set off firecrackers, everyone around him covered their ears, but Mr. Pei didn’t feel the loudness of the sound. Everyone thought that there was a problem with his hearing.At first, Mr. Pei didn’t care very much, but after returning to Nanjing from his hometown, he also felt that his hearing seemed not as good as before. Several times when his colleagues called him from behind, he didn’t respond. Once again, he almost made a misunderstanding.Not long ago, Mr. Pei came to the Otolaryngology Department of Nanjing Hospital of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine to do a physical examination of his ears. The results showed that there was no problem with the tympanic membrane, but the hearing test results were not good. Later, he was diagnosed with sensorineural hearing loss.Mr. Pei is quite puzzled by the diagnosis result. He should be unable to hear if he is deaf. Why does his hearing become a little worse?DeafWhat?

hearingKillervery gentle It is best not to wear headphones for a long time in a noisy environment

Yang Ming, director of the Department of Otolaryngology, Nanjing Hospital of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine, said that the hearing loss caused by the disturbance of the perception of sound and the transmission of nerve impulses is sensorineural deafness. It does not mean that you must not hear anything. Called deafness.Because the human hearing range is very large, even if the hearing is damaged, as long as it does not affect the communication and dialogue, many patients will not notice it, so the hearingKillerGenerally very gentle, the process of damage is usually silent.Why does listening to music with headphones for a long time in the subway cause sensorineural hearing loss?This actually has nothing to do with the subway itself, but when many readers and friends take the subway, because the surrounding environment is noisy, in order to hear the music clearly, they unconsciously turn up the volume a lot. Excessive volume and noisy sound are double stimulation Hold your ears, it will take a long timeQuantitative change to qualitative change, It’s no surprise that it leads to sensorineural hearing lossDirector Yang Ming told reporters that some similar patients are also seen in outpatient clinics. They may not often take the subway, but they basically have the experience of wearing headphones and listening to music in a noisy environment for a long time.

Headphones, listening to music, mastering60-60-60in principle

Director Yang suggested that readers who wear headphones often, especially those who listen to music with built-in headphones, should master60-60-60The principle is that when listening to music, the volume should not exceed the maximum volume60%, The continuous listening time should not exceed60Minutes, it’s better not to exceed60decibel.In addition, try to listen to music in a quiet environment, and use protective earplugs in noisy environments. These can be bought in general labor insurance stores, which can effectively block some noise and protect your hearing.

[Extended reading] How do I know how many decibels are?

Many readers do not understand the professional value of decibels. Director Yang recommends an analogy of volume for your reference:

300Decibel Pliny-style volcanic eruption,240Decibel times Pliny-style volcanic eruption,180Decibel ordinary volcanic eruption 150Decibel rocket, missile launch,140Decibel jet taking off,130Decibel propeller plane taking off,120Decibel ball mill work,110Decibel chainsaw work,100Decibel tractor starts,90Decibels are very noisy roads,80Decibel general vehicle driving,70Speak loudly in decibels,60Speak in decibels,50Decibel office,40Decibel library, reading room,30Decibel bedroom,20Whisper softly in decibels,10Decibel wind blowing falling leaves rustling,0The decibel has just caused hearing.

So what decibel hearing affects our hearing, and to what extent?Ordinary people’s hearing0 -20 decibels are very quiet and hardly feel; 20 -40 decibels are quiet, like whispering softly; 40 -60 decibels are average, ordinary indoor conversation; 60 -70 decibels are noisy and nerve-damaging; 70-90 decibels are very noisy and nervous The cells are destroyed. 90 -100 decibels increase in noise and hearing loss; 100 -120 decibels are unbearable and temporarily deaf after one minute; 120 decibels or more: extreme deafness or total deafness. About 300 decibels or above: Irreparable deafness for people with a radius of 20km. (Source: Author: Cha Jinzhong)

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