Is hearing protection important?

For our young people, the most serious cause of hearing loss is noise. No matter the urban environment, living habits, noise is everywhere, earphones are a very great invention, but at the same time, I have to admit that earphones are good for Our hearing does have a great impact. People walking on the road, in the subway, on the bus, wearing headphones and swiping their mobile phones can be seen everywhere, but we should all know how loud the noise in these environments is, and sometimes we have to talk. Speaking in a loud voice, then we want to hear the sound in the earphone clearly, we can imagine how high the volume will be adjusted.

* Eat less high-fat foods, the concentration of cholesterol in the blood is too high, causing atherosclerosis of the blood vessel wall, the hardening of the blood vessels reduces the blood supply of the inner ear, and the auditory organs are malnourished, leading to hearing loss or deafness.

* Insist on regular ear massage. Each part of the ear and 49 acupoints are closely related to the internal organs. Massage the auricle, deafness and pull the auricle, with redness as the degree, three times a day, which is quite beneficial.

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