Irritability can cause tinnitus?

Excessive smoking can reduce the oxygen content in the blood, and the capillaries in the inner ear are not adequately supplied, which can cause tinnitus.In addition, unhealthy eating habits such as high salt and high cholesterol can increase the concentration of sodium ions in the blood, increase the osmotic pressure of the inner ear lymph, cause hydropathic membranes, and lead to tinnitus.

Being in a state of high stress and tension for a long time will stimulate the body, cause stress response in the neuroendocrine system, increase the secretion of adrenaline, and improve the ability to respond to changes in the body, which can lead to different degrees of tinnitus.

       Stay away from high-noise environments, reduce or control noise sources, take personal protection, and add more trace elements such as vitamin C, B vitamins, iron and zinc.Face tinnitus correctly and reduce unnecessary anxiety.Provide a comfortable and quiet living environment and arrange work and life reasonably.Avoid excessive stress, participate in outdoor activities to relax the nervous system, which can reduce the symptoms of tinnitus.Tinnitus is an irreversible process, and medications must be taken strictly in accordance with the doctor’s instructions, and medications must not be abused.

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