Can people with acquired hearing loss also have speech disorders?

People with acquired hearing loss can alsoCan speech disorders occur?

* The average hearing loss is 41~55dB, and it is difficult to hear and discriminate with normal volume of speech. If it occurs in infants and young children, it can cause language development delay and affect children’s language learning.

* The average hearing loss is 71~90dB. It can feel loud to loud sounds, but cannot distinguish speech sounds, which can lead to language barriers.

      If a person has poor hearing, just hears someone talking, but does not understand what they are saying, they will gradually become less fond of talking to people, but the more so, the more so because there is no sound and language stimulation. , The faster the auditory nerve degenerates, the slower the relative brain is in processing this type of information, and the worse the ability to understand language!Many elderly people are unwilling to express their difficulties after hearing loss, and are unwilling to wear itHearing aid, Afraid of inconvenience to others, fear of affecting the work and life of their children, so they are more autistic and reluctant to communicate with others; worry that being unable to hear others will increase the psychological pressure of the elderly, and then appear suspicion, depression, etc. Phenomenon; some people will become withdrawn and weird.The more severe the deafness, the more obvious the language barrier.

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