Why are tinnitus sounds diverse?

Why are there so many tinnitus soundsVariety?

② Masking therapy: The tinnitus masker is used to treat tinnitus, which uses external sound stimulation to inhibit the spontaneous excitement of the inner ear or auditory nerve. Hearing aids can also be used to replace the masker.

③Psychotherapy, such as biofeedback therapy: It uses different biofeedback signals to train patients into a relaxed state and restore relative balance in the body to achieve the purpose of treating tinnitus.

      In short, tinnitus is generally not harmful to health, but it is disturbing.There are also certain difficulties in current treatment.If you have tinnitus symptoms, you should actively go to the hospital for corresponding examination and treatment, so as not to delay the diagnosis and treatment of some important diseases.If there is no special disease, you don’t need to be nervous, you should keep your mood happy, divert attention, tinnitus may be relieved.

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