What should I do if I have sudden deafness and nausea?

      Once suffering from sudden deafness, the timing of treatment is critical, and it is necessary to treat as soon as possible, the sooner the better.Under normal circumstances, those who start treatment within 3 days have better results, and younger people have better results than older people.If the medical history exceeds 1 month, it will be difficult to recover hearing, so sudden deafness requires rescue treatment.

3. High pressure in life and work.Long-term mental tension, unable to relax and sudden deafness.

7. Exclude acoustic neuroma, Meniere, functional deafness, and other unexplained hearing loss can be diagnosed as sudden deafness.

      Sudden deafness should be treated quickly, and it must be timely. The sooner the treatment is effective, the better.Among them, the low-frequency drop type has the best therapeutic effect, followed by the high-frequency type, and the flat type and total deafness type have the worst effect.The treatment is mainly to use drugs to improve microcirculation, glucocorticoid drugs, intravenous infusion or oral injection, tympanic membrane and perianural injection, drugs to reduce blood viscosity, and if the effect is not good, neurotrophic drugs can be used later.While actively treating, we must also maintain an optimistic attitude.

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