What can you eat for tinnitus? What should you pay more attention to in life?

What can you eat for tinnitus?What should I pay more attention to in life?

1. Soy products: Nutrition experts believe that soybeans are a food with high iron content, and the content of iron and zinc is much higher than other foods.Soybeans also contain a lot of calcium, which can supplement the lack of calcium metabolism in the cochlea and improve the symptoms of deafness and tinnitus.The body’s iron supplementation can expand the capillaries, soften the red blood cells, and ensure the blood supply to the ears, which can effectively prevent hearing loss. You can drink more at ordinary times, which can improve and regulate the tinnitus and hearing loss.

2. Zinc-containing foods: Zinc deficiency is an important cause of presbycusis.Foods rich in zinc include: fish, beef, pork liver, chicken, chicken liver, eggs, various seafood; apples, oranges, walnuts, cucumbers, tomatoes, cabbage, radishes and so on.

4. Fish food: Patients with presbycusis can eat more fish food, especially herring, in their daily life.

It seems that proper adjustment of the diet, adding more iron-containing foods, zinc-containing foods, fish, milk, and soy products, can help us in the auxiliary treatment of tinnitus.Readers with tinnitus may wish to try it first.

       It is recommended that you usually avoid contact with noise; use ototoxic drugs with caution: the so-called ototoxic drugs are drugs that can cause tinnitus or hearing loss.For patients with tinnitus, if they do not restrict or abuse such drugs during the treatment process, it is tantamount to “making things worse.”At the same time, smoke less and drink less: After the nicotine in the cigarette enters the bloodstream, it can promote spasm of small blood vessels, slow blood flow, and increase blood viscosity, thereby making the inner ear insufficient blood supply, causing or aggravating tinnitus.Patients with tinnitus should not trust street advertisements and go to the doctor indiscriminately so as not to delay treatment; they must have an optimistic and open-minded life attitude. Once they suffer from tinnitus, they must adopt a tolerant attitude towards tinnitus symptoms and be mentally prepared while actively treating tinnitus. It will play a positive role in treatment.

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