Can I wear headphones if I am deaf?

      经常戴耳机听音乐的人,应掌握60-60原则,这也是国际上公认的保护听力的方法。听音乐时音量不要超过最大音量的60%,连续使用耳机的时间不要超过60分钟。为了保证不超过最大音量 60%,你可以更改手机设置,这样就不会在嘈杂的环境中不自觉调大音量,导致不安全的音量水平。

      If you have tinnitus, or have difficulty hearing high-pitched sounds such as the doorbell or alarm clock, or you can’t hear other people’s speech clearly, you must go to the hospital as soon as possible when you find that your hearing has fallen.If the hearing cannot be recovered after treatment, it is recommended to fit in as soon as possibleHearing aid.

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