What’s wrong with poor hearing?

Otitis media

Including acute and chronic suppurative otitis media and tympanic membrane perforation and other sequelae of otitis media, the clinical manifestations mainly include earache, pus, tympanic membrane perforation, hearing loss and so on.

Clinically, the symmetrical and progressive neurological deafness that begins to appear in old age is called presbycusis. A series of aging phenomena will appear in the human body with age. Presbycusis is the auditory function caused by the aging of the auditory system. obstacle.

Hearing loss is divided into three levels: mild, moderate and severe. Moderate hearing loss has seriously affected people’s normal life. It is also very important to prevent hearing loss in normal times, especially some high-decibel noises, which can easily damage people. Some damage to the eardrum of the patient cannot be rebounded. Only by starting prevention can we have a healthy body.

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