What are the common diseases that affect hearing in life?

Often in lifeWhat are the diseases that affect hearing?

      Diabetes is a chronic disease. The hardening of blood vessels in diabetic patients is more obvious than normal people, which can cause venule embolism.The blood vessel that supplies blood to the inner ear is the terminal blood vessel, which is relatively small.Therefore, when the blood vessels are hardened, it is easy to cause blockage of the blood vessels, which affects the blood supply of the inner ear.In addition, vascular sclerosis itself can easily cause the rupture of small blood vessels, causing bleeding in the cochlea or labyrinth and affecting hearing.Clinical observations have shown that 35%-50% of diabetic patients have a hearing loss of 20-30 decibels compared with healthy peers. This measurement is dominated by high pitches.However, due to the slow development, the patient may not be able to clearly feel it if it does not develop to a certain extent.

02, chronic nephritis

      Patients with chronic nephritis are usually accompanied by high blood pressure or anemia, which can cause tinnitus and hearing loss.In addition, chronic nephritis often requires the use of diuretic drugs, such as ethanilic acid (diuretic acid), furosemide (furosemide), etc., and at the same time some antibiotics that can damage hearing (streptomycin, gentamicin, etc.) ).Therefore, in patients with chronic nephritis, hearing age is earlier than that of their peers, and the degree of decline has a certain relationship with the severity of nephritis and the length of medication.In addition, according to the theory of Chinese medicine “kidney resuscitates the ears”, the function of the kidneys directly affects the ears. People with kidney deficiency may experience tinnitus and deafness. Therefore, kidney disease is closely related to hearing.

03. Hypertension

The above-mentioned diseases are all chronic diseases of middle-aged and elderly people. Although some people may not have very high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis exists to varying degrees.Many diabetic patients are often ignored when they have no obvious symptoms. Once symptoms appear, the root of the disease may have been buried in the body for a long time.Therefore, we must not only understand the relationship with deafness through these diseases, but also be good at discovering these diseases through our own hearing.

(11) Meniere’s disease

      After the sudden ups and downs of emotions, it can cause changes in the body’s neurohumoral regulation, causing a series of normal physiological reactions in the body to be disrupted, and our inner ear, which is less than a tissue the size of a broad bean, bears the brunt of its blood supply. Tissue edema, eventually causing damage to the auditory receptors.

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