How do I know the extent of my hearing loss if I have poor hearing?

      The most obvious is that it is difficult to hear normal sounds.In normal-volume conversations, moderate hearing loss is difficult; soft sounds are more likely to be ignored and inaudible; in complex environments, ambient noise will interfere with normal speech, while listening to consonants is even more difficult.This is an effective way to improve the audibility of normal voices through close calls. The focus is on lip-reading, repeated speech, and speaking at a normal distance.Can be worn at this timeHearing aid.

      Daily performance: Difficulty listening to loud voices.At this time, the hearing loss has exceeded the range of the “banana picture”, and the talk book at normal volume cannot be heard, and loud speaking needs to be heard repeatedly.People with severe hearing impairment will obviously feel hearing loss and its inconvenience.Speaking loudly at close range, lip-reading, repetition, etc. can improve hearing.Hearing clearly requires a loud voice, and the listener’s own reaction to the other person is also great, creating the illusion that both sides of the conversation are arguing.At this time, hearing aids are the most commonly usedHearing aid.

      Extremely severe hearing loss is the most serious degree of hearing disability, manifested as: hard of hearing. 81-120 decibels, the span is large, the audibility of the sound is different; the audibility of the voice also has obvious differences.People with hearing loss of nearly 81 decibels are more likely to hear loud and loud sounds. Lip reading is necessary; hearing aids are more helpful.Hearing-impaired ears are nearly 120 decibels, only loud sounds can be heard, and the sounds are almost inaudible. It is easy to think that they are all deaf and their ears are useless; hearing aids are also less and less help, and cochlear implants may be a better choice.

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