What should I do if my baby has otitis media?

Babies may have 1-2 times of otitis media during the growth stage. Babies who are too young will not express themselves and often scratch their ears. If the baby’s usual sweat and tears flow into the ears, there will be bath water flowing into the ears, and it is not cleaned up. Being clean can also cause the baby to suffer from otitis media.

(1) The simple type is mainly for topical medication: an aqueous solution of antibiotics or a mixture of antibiotics and steroid hormone drugs, such as 0.25% chloramphenicol solution, chloramphenicol cortisone solution, ofloxacin ear drops, etc. can be used.

(2) Precautions for topical medication:

②Water is used when the amount of pus is large, and boric acid alcohol can be used when the amount is small.

7. The repair operation after tympanic membrane perforation in children should be carried out in time. Research results have shown that children over 9 years of age who receive tympanic membrane repair can obtain a higher surgical success rate, which is an important part of the treatment of otitis media.

* When swimming, avoid swallowing water into your mouth to prevent water from entering the middle ear through the nasopharynx and causing otitis media.

* Mothers should actively carry out exclusive breastfeeding, at least until the baby is 6 months old, in order to improve the baby’s immunity and prevent otitis media.

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