Will long-term mental stress and anxiety cause tinnitus?

      Excessive work pressure, less sleep, more entertainment, and long-term mental stress can affect hearing and induce tinnitus.In people with negative emotions such as anger, depression, sadness, especially anxiety, depression, and emotional instability caused by fatigue, drinking, insomnia, pregnancy, and changes in ambient air pressure and temperature, tinnitus symptoms are often very serious.At the same time, persistent tinnitus will aggravate these negative or unstable emotions, forming a vicious circle.

      Long-term pressure is too high, and the spirit is in a state of tension. The inner ear is stimulated to cause spasm and blockage of the auditory nerve capillaries, causing the inner ear blood supply disorder, neuroepithelial cell ischemia, insufficient oxygen supply and necrosis, so that the ear is in the absence of symptoms Tinnitus or hearing loss.

      Stress is an important reason for the high incidence of tinnitus in young and middle-aged people.Wang Huibing said: “In recent years, the incidence of tinnitus among white-collar workers has increased significantly. It is mainly manifested as high-frequency tinnitus, similar to cicadas. The tinnitus in young and middle-aged people (especially white-collar workers) is mainly due to high work pressure, lack of sleep, This type of tinnitus is mainly caused by fatigue and mental stress, which lead to insufficient blood supply to the brain and auditory nerves. The microcirculation of the inner ear is imbalanced and tinnitus occurs. In severe cases, it will be accompanied by hearing loss.”

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