Can the back of the ear be cured?

      Minimizing stimulating factors in work and life can delay the occurrence of deafness.Such as reducing environmental noise, limiting fat intake, eating more cellulose-containing vegetables, fruits, fish, beef and mutton, etc., avoiding alcohol and smoking, actively treating potential lesions in the body (dental caries, suppurative sinusitis, tonsillitis, etc.), labor Combination of leisure, adhere to physical exercise, avoid emotional tension and emotional excitement, avoid using ototoxic drugs, etc.

      Vitamin A, vitamin E drugs, heparin, ATP, dexamethasone, alkaloid drugs, anisodamine and other western medicines, Astragalus, Pueraria lobata, Drynaria fortunei, Phellodendron amurense, Salvia, Roasted licorice, Cornus, Rehmannia glutinosa and other traditional Chinese medicines Improving hearing has certain clinical value.

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