What should I do if my tinnitus causes annoying mood?

      Therefore, tinnitus is partly caused by cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and the other part is related to emotional tension, anxiety, excitement, sadness, etc.For the latter, the biggest cause of the patient is psychological and spiritual. It is necessary for the patient to receive drug treatment, but it may be more effective to comfort the patient spiritually and psychologically. It may be better to change your surrounding environment and let yourself Listen to some natural sounds of nature.Do not pay attention to the slight tinnitus, as usual work and rest, work and study, just pay attention to rest.

      At night, when your tinnitus sounds, think about something happy, or choose exercise before going to bed to help you get to sleep quickly.Many people have the feeling that they sleep soundly when it is windy and rainy. This is the hypnotic effect of natural remedies.The doctor advised him to make some other sounds in the bedroom while he was taking medication.To distract.

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