High-frequency hearing loss is heavier than low-frequency. What is the performance in life?

Hearing high frequencyWhat is the performance in life when the drop is heavier than the low frequency?

      In fact, there is a kind of hearing loss that high-frequency hearing loss is more serious than low-frequency hearing loss.Hearing loss, Refers to the inability to hear the sound below 1KHZ, and the patient’s ability to perceive bass is low.High-frequency hearing loss refers to the inability to hear sounds above 2KHZ, and the patient’s ability to accept high-pitched sounds is poor.

      Different frequency bands have different ways of hearing loss. High-frequency speech intelligibility is more, so high-frequency loss is serious. Generally, the resolution will be poor, and the trouble of hearing the sound but not being able to hear what you are saying, the low-frequency loudness is high, and the transmission It is easy to be heard at a long distance, so the low frequency is not well heard, and the small sound is more difficult to hear.

      High frequency is more serious than low frequency, which is generally a steep drop-type hearing loss, which belongs to sensorineural hearing loss, mainly to solve the problem of listening in a noisy environment.

      It can be fitted with both ears as much as possible, and the hearing function of both ears can be gradually exercised by wearing hearing aids in both ears, which not only improves the recognition of sounds, but also improves the clarity of speech.

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