How to adapt to hearing aids in the early stage?

      In addition, you may hear some sounds that you particularly don’t want to hear, such as the sounds of refrigerators, air conditioners, and cars. At first hearing these sounds may feel noisy and uncomfortable, but you have to go through this process. The longer you wear your hearing aids, The stronger the adaptability.Generally speaking, the time to start wearing a hearing aid is one to two hours. On the first day, walk around the house and listen to some familiar sounds.Every day, slowly increase the time of wearing hearing aids. Be sure to practice every day. You will soon find that hearing aids can be used in almost all normal environments.

      Since the hearing system has not fully adapted to the hearing aid for the first time and the sound heard through the hearing aid is different from the original hearing, a transition period of adaptation is required.And during this transition period you need to learn to debug according to the surrounding environmentHearing aid, And maintain the frequency of talking with family members, after familiar with the family’s voice, there will be no strangeness.Secondly, there will be a sense of blockage in the ear canal of the hearing aid in the initial stage, which is also the normal plugging effect and will disappear after adaptation.

      5. In the early stage, listen to familiar sounds such as door bells, door closing sounds, running water sounds at home, etc., and then perform complex listening activities such as verbal communication and so on.

      In short, it can be summarized into these stages: try-run-in-get used to, until you forget its existence.The adaptation process is critical to the performance of hearing aids.From discovering hearing problems to getting used to wearingHearing aid, Not only requires the fine selection of the fitter, but also the psychological and behavioral help of family and friends.

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