Early exposure to electronic products may cause the baby to speak late

Seeing that their children speak later than their peers, many young parents are anxious, but the elderly feel that it doesn’t matter and think this is “the nobleman speaks late”.However, experts said that the term “the nobleman speaks late” lacks scientific basis. The main reason for late speaking is development and disease. Seeing a doctor early and getting professional guidance may be able to recover.

“The nobleman speaks late” lacks scientific basis

There are certain individual differences between how early and late children speak.Some children didn’t even start talking until they were two years old, and they refused to speak when they were teased.Coupled with the popular saying that “the nobleman speaks late”, many parents have anticipation, thinking that if their children can speak later, they may be smart and rich.

The claim that “the nobleman speaks late” lacks scientific basis.In real life, it is true that a small number of children’s “late speaking” is a normal category, but the age of 1 to 2 is a critical period for children’s language development. If a child speaks late, parents should attach great importance to it and allow professional doctors to treat their children. Make a correct assessment of the language development status.If the parents just wait with luck, they may delay the best time and cause regret.

“In recent years, more and more parents have come to consult because of their children’s speaking problems. There are many reasons why children speak late, and they are often related to their living habits.” Experts said.

Early exposure to electronic products may lead to late speaking

“Some children will experience temporary and transient (transient refers to a certain clinical symptom or sign appearing once or several times in a short period of time. Editor’s note) backwardness during language development. We call it developmental According to experts, most of these children are able to understand what the adults say, can make appropriate responses suitable for their age, can execute instructions better, but speak less or later, and have a good vocabulary. The level of language expression is not as good as that of children of the same age.

Why does developmental delay occur?It involves many social lifestyles, including the complex and diverse family language environment; adults take care of their children too carefully, resulting in children who seem to have no need for language expression; let children contact electronic products such as mobile phones, iPads, and televisions prematurely , The child has no responsive behavior with his family, but only communicates with the cold screen.

In addition, non-social causes include maldevelopment of the oral muscles and lack of chewing and stirring.These factors can also cause delays in speaking.

Seek medical attention as soon as possible if you speak late

Common disease factors for children’s language development delay include hearing impairment, mental retardation, neuromuscular disease of the speech organs, and autism.For children with the possibility of the above-mentioned diseases, experts recommend that they should go to the hospital as soon as possible.At present, audiology testing can make a clearer diagnosis when the baby is 3 months old. Once the baby is diagnosed, early rehabilitation therapy can help the child restore a certain degree of hearing ability and lay a good foundation for future speech ability.

For those children who have normal hearing but just don’t speak, even if they don’t know what they’re talking about, they’re more like talking to themselves, or just ignore them if they like them, or don’t like them as if they can’t hear them, parents should take their children in time. Go for help and evaluate.Under the guidance and leadership of professionals, after timely, targeted, and long-term training and treatment, these children can acquire language skills.

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