What should I pay attention to in normal tinnitus?

Neurotic tinnitus refers to the abnormal sound and neurogenic tinnitus sensation that people produce without any external stimuli.If you feel monotonous or mixed sounds such as cicadas, buzzing, and hissing in your ears, there is actually no corresponding sound in the surrounding environment, which means that tinnitus is just a subjective sensation.

(4) In terms of diet: the membrane labyrinth of such patients is mostly in a state of hydrops, and the physical and chemical properties of endolymph are mostly sodium, high, and low potassium. Therefore, in terms of diet, a diet with the characteristics of “two highs and two lows” should be selected, that is, high protein. , High-vitamin, low-fat, low-salt diet, such as lean meat, fresh fish, live poultry and other stewed soup frequently, you can also eat more fruits, leeks, carrots, celery and other high-vitamin vegetables and fruits.

(5) Daily life: pay attention to bed rest during the attack period, the room light should be slightly darker, to avoid noisy environment, and it is better to rest quietly.After the symptoms are relieved, it is advisable to gradually get out of bed to avoid prolonged bed rest.

If you have tinnitus and brainnitus for a long time and do not pay attention to it, it will cause great harm to yourself: the most common is neurasthenia. This situation is very common for friends with frequent tinnitus, because frequent tinnitus and brainnitus lead to Unable to rest normally, and improper rest, will directly cause people’s emotional depression, anxiety, these two situations are also often accompanied by tinnitus and brain ringing.It is accompanied by symptoms such as headache, dizziness, insomnia, and dreaminess.

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