Why can’t you hear the plane as soon as your ears rise?

Why does the aircraft raise its earsDuo can’t hear clearly?

      Generally speaking, people who are accustomed to flying will return to normal within a few hours, and most people can return to normal within a day. If the symptoms persist for a week and still have a sense of inaudibility, it should be suspected that there is inflammation or other infections in the ears.Therefore, if the ears are unwell for a week and you cannot hear clearly, you should go to the hospital for examination.

      If we catch a cold and stuffy nose, our Eustachian tube is also easily blocked.Patients with colds and pharyngitis have inflammation or edema in the nasopharynx, so the eustachian tube will be more difficult.When the aircraft is ascending or descending, the surrounding atmospheric pressure changes with altitude, causing discomfort and pain.

      If the passengers on the plane are infants or young people, because their Eustachian tube has not yet developed well, if the plane reaches a certain height, we need to use the Eustachian tube to balance the pressure in the middle ear and the external pressure. Therefore, the child The function of this aspect has not yet been developed in place.

      If you are traveling with a baby, you can breastfeed the baby during take-off and landing. If feeding is not convenient, you can also use a bottle to fill a delicious drink to keep the child swallowing and maintain the pressure balance inside and outside the tympanic membrane, so as to avoid the child’s pain And crying.

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