Is hearing loss caused by tinnitus or brainnitus?

       What are the causes of congenital deafness?

       * Congenital hereditary hearing loss: It is mainly because the parents themselves carry the deafness gene, causing the child to also have the gene and thus have sensorineural hearing loss after birth.

       This noise is not only noise in the traditional sense, but also other sounds over 80dB.For example, if you wear headphones to listen to music and turn the sound louder every time (more than 60% of the volume), it may cause noise-induced hearing loss in the long run.

       Due to ageHearing loss.Mostly manifested as high-frequency hearing loss.Clinically, the symmetrical and progressive neurological deafness that begins to appear in old age is called presbycusis. A series of aging phenomena will appear in the human body with age. Presbycusis is the auditory function caused by the aging of the auditory system. obstacle.According to audiology research, men’s hearing loss begins after about 45 years of age, while women’s hearing is a little later. With the extension of human life span and the increase in the elderly population, the incidence of deafness in the elderly has also increased.According to statistics, one third of the elderly over the age of 65 will have varying degrees of hearing loss. 75% of people over 50 have hearing loss of varying lengths.

       Common causes of sudden hearing loss are: excessive fatigue, mental stimulation and psychological stress, dietary factors, seasonal factors, high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia, diabetes and other factors.

       All in all, there are many reasons in life that may cause hearing loss.Hearing loss will not only cause the normal life of the patient’s friends, but also may affect the communication with others.Therefore, if you find that you have symptoms of hearing loss, you must go to the hospital as soon as possible to find out the cause and conduct targeted treatment to get rid of the pain caused by hearing loss as soon as possible.At the same time, pay attention to protecting your ears in daily life.

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