Are there any characteristics of Meniere’s syndrome hearing loss?

3. The attack period is like encountering wind and waves on a boat in the sea, unsteady standing, nausea, vomiting, feeling yourself, the surrounding scenery, the sky, and the earth spinning, accompanied by sweating.

7. The characteristics of dizziness in the middle-aged and the elderly: except for the same age as other people, more and more heavier.The elderly often suffer from cervical vertigo, cerebral vertigo, and senile epilepsy.

1. Diet and exercise training: adequate nutrition, light, low-salt diet, eat more eggs, lean meat, vegetables and fruits; avoid fat, sweet and spicy, such as fatty meat, fried food, alcohol, peppers, etc.After a meal, choose exercise methods such as walking, sword dancing, Tai Chi, Qigong, etc., step by step, and persevere; do not climb high and reduce the violent head and neck movement.

3. Pay attention to safety: When vertigo occurs, you should absolutely rest in bed and don’t swing your head left and right.Pay special attention to safety in daily life and work. Do not ride bicycles on crowded roads or rivers and ponds, and do not engage in work that is highly responsible and dangerous.

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