Will deafness in the elderly cause Alzheimer’s disease?How to prevent it?

      Research on the correlation between presbycusis and senile dementia is currently ongoing.Preliminary shows that with the development of presbycusis and the weakening of auditory function, it may aggravate brain atrophy and accelerate the generation and development of senile dementia.Many elderly people are unwilling to express their difficulties after hearing loss, and are unwilling to wear itHearing aid, Afraid of inconvenience to others, afraid of affecting the work and life of their children, and even more autistic and reluctant to communicate with others.Worrying that being unable to hear others will increase the psychological pressure of the elderly, and then appear suspicion, depression and other phenomena; some people will become withdrawn and weird; this will easily induce Alzheimer’s disease.

      To have a low-salt, low-fat, and low-calorie diet, without aluminum tableware.Properly supplement foods containing vitamin B12, such as: meat, eggs, milk, fish, shrimp, etc., because the lack of vitamin B12 can accelerate brain aging.Eating soy foods, as well as foods rich in lecithin such as sesame, yams, mushrooms, and peanuts, can supplement the nutrients needed by the brain and enhance memory, thinking, and analysis capabilities.In addition, don’t overeat. Overeating will cause the blood to be concentrated in the stomach for digestion, and the blood supply to the brain will decrease. This will affect thinking and memory in the long run, and reduce the ability to remember.

      Recently, German scientists found through investigations that people who have smoked for more than 10 years are more likely to suffer from Alzheimer’s disease than people who have never smoked.This is because smoking can cause insufficient blood supply to the brain, causing brain cells to shrink.Therefore, the elderly who smoke should actively quit smoking in order to avoid suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

      The prevention of Alzheimer’s disease must start in middle age, and by taking corresponding measures in life, and persevering in it, its development can be completely controlled.

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