Can the noise cause the ears to be inaudible? Can it be treated?

      Noise-induced hearing loss is a sensorineural hearing loss caused by long-term exposure to strong noise. It is mostly related to occupation.If the exposure time is short, the temporary increase in hearing threshold will be restored. If the exposure time is long, it will cause permanentHearing loss, Cannot be restored.But in the early days, it is reversible. It is recommended to change the environment first, or ask the doctor to do a hearing test to see if you need to wear it.Hearing aid.

      一般来说超过安全噪声标准(85-90分贝)强度的噪声都有可能造成耳鸣及耳聋。但对同一强度的噪声,存在着个体敏感性差异,只有敏感者才受到伤害或受到伤害的程度最重。 在噪声致病的过程中,90分贝是道明确的坎儿,超过90分贝后人与人之间的个体差异就不明显了,这种噪声对绝大部分的人都有不良影响,可引发各种疾病.一直保持一个状态的稳态噪声对人的损害要小于同样分贝,但声音忽大忽小的脉冲噪声,突然出现的100分贝的噪声甚至可能让人瞬间耳膜穿孔,听力丧失,所以噪声是公认的常见污染因素。

      ② Damage to eyesight caused by noise.People only know that noise affects hearing, but noise also affects vision.Experiments show that when the noise intensity reaches 90 decibels, the sensitivity of human visual cells decreases, and the response time to recognize weak light is prolonged; when the noise reaches 95 decibels, 40% of people’s pupils are enlarged and their vision is blurred; and when the noise reaches 115 decibels, The adaptation of most people’s eyes to the brightness of the light is reduced to varying degrees.Therefore, people who have been in a noisy environment for a long time are prone to eye damage such as eye fatigue, eye pain, vertigo, and visual tears.

      Hearing loss is very sad and sad for the rest of life, and if it is due to work, you cannot stay in this noise environment for a long time. Once the injury is caused, there is no way to make up for it. Therefore, I hope friends if they are engaged in noise For larger jobs, some protective measures can be done, such as earplugs.

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