Do people have tinnitus and deafness at a certain age?

       As a person ages, all organs of the body will slowly attenuate, especially the ears. The eyes are the most obvious, but each person’s physical condition is different, and the symptoms that appear are also different. The hearing loss of the elderly is mostly a phenomenon of neurological deafness. There are often unanswered questions, misunderstandings, repetitions, and other obstacles to communication with the outside world. After a long period of time, they will become less talkative, and verbal communication will decline. Seriously, they will lead to mental depression and dementia in the elderly. We must be vigilant. Prevent, detect, and intervene deafness as early as possible.

4. Avoid noise pollution. Sudden loud noises and long-term noise exposure can cause hearing loss and tinnitus. Therefore, high-risk groups (working in high-intensity noise environments) should pay special attention to noise protection, such as wearing protective earmuffs and earplugs Wait.In addition, do not use the Walkman headset for a long time and at high volume.

       4. WearHearing aid.Patients with severe deafness can be equippedHearing aid, Communicate with others, avoid loneliness and pessimism.At the same time, language training and lip-reading training can be used to improve language comprehension.

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