Are the hearing aids bought on Taobao wired for after-sales?

It is recommended that you carefully consider the following points before buying hearing aids online:

Many people know that when they are sick, they have to go to the hospital. They need to face-to-face with the doctor for medical history collection and the process of “seeing, hearing, and asking”, so that the doctor can prescribe the right medicine.Hearing loss is the same. You need to go to a formal institution to do a detailed hearing test, and find a professional optician to adjust and match various models according to your personal hearing loss, so that you can intervene correctly and listen comfortably.Bought onlineHearing aid, It is difficult to complete this process.

2. Is the online and offline service of hearing aids really possible?What we saw onlineHearing aid, Generally much cheaper than physical stores, the feeling of heartbeat is self-evident, but can the effect of wearing it be expected?

Link:      Are the hearing aids bought on Taobao wired for after-sales?

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