Is it normal for tinnitus every day?

       4. The strongest sound that the human ear can withstand for long-term noise exposure is usually 90 decibels. If it exceeds this limit, even if you can’t feel it, the fragile and sensitive inner ear has been damaged.Irregular, strong irritating noise is more harmful to hearing.

       5. Various diseases are mainly ear diseases, such as external ear diseases; tinnitus can also occur in vascular diseases; tinnitus is also one of the important symptoms of other systemic diseases, such as nasopharyngeal cancer, autonomic disorders, lack of blood supply to the brain, and stroke Early stage, hypertension, hypotension, anemia, diabetes, malnutrition, etc.

       对耳鸣首先应尽早确定引起耳鸣的原因,才能针对病因进行合理用药。 (1)耳鸣不伴听力损坏、眩晕等症状者,为特别短暂性耳鸣,常是生理现象,自行按摩耳屏前方有一定的效果,一般无需用药。 (2)主观性耳鸣的治疗较困难,多数患者天长日久、习以为常、不觉其苦。一般可服用安定,每次2.5毫克,每天3次。 (3)有的因小血管痉挛而引起耳鸣者,可用烟酸,每次0.1克,每天3次。 (4)耳鸣患者在夜间睡眠最感其苦,可采用掩蔽法,如戴用助听器或专用耳鸣掩蔽器,用声音以掩蔽其耳鸣;也可用调频收音机调到刚好掩蔽耳鸣声,在晚上使用,以减轻其痛苦。

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