What is the experience of sleeping while listening to music on headphones?

Before going to bed, you can wear headphones to listen to music or listen to books to help you sleep. As a night cat party, you can wear headphones all night and you have not tried it. The subject can go to bed and give feedback about your personal feelings!Although I haven’t experienced it personally, I still have a deep understanding of my sleep state. Can you keep a sleeping position (lying position) and sleep till dawn?If you sleep on your side, I really recommend that you don’t wear earphones to sleep. The first earphone will fall off when you lie on your side and the earphone cavity will tick your ears. It’s more likely that the earphone cavity slides to your back. Wouldn’t it hurt even more in the morning? It takes a lot of trouble to find earphones; if you just wear noise isolation when you sleep, you can start with sleep earplugs. The theory is that you should sleep better. The above suggestions are for reference only.

Playing soft music, closing your eyes and slowly relaxing your mind, can play a certain role in helping sleep, so what is the disadvantage?If the human body wears earphones to sleep for a long time, it is very harmful to the ears. This is mainly because the eardrum and the earphone vibrating plate are very close, and the sound wave conduction range is small and concentrated, which stimulates the eardrum auditory nerves and can easily cause dizziness, tinnitus, and hearing loss. Wait for the situation to happen.In addition, when the human body is sleeping, if the body is turned over unconsciously, the earplugs may squeeze the soft tissues of the ears, causing physical damage to the ears.Therefore, for the sake of your own health, it is recommended that everyone try to avoid wearing headphones to fall asleep when sleeping!

Many young people often wear headphones to listen to music and sleep, which is also a problem worth noting.The damage to hearing with earphones depends on how loud the sound is and how long you listen to it. Earphones are one of the things that many friends must have when going out. The World Health Organization has published a figure that there are about 11 billion young people in the world. Face the risk of hearing loss, and this kind of damage is irreversible. The reason for this kind of damage is that when listening to the audio, the sound is turned on too loudly and the listening time is too long.

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