I’m deaf and can’t hear other people’s words, what’s wrong with the pain in my ears?

       It is recommended that you go to the otolaryngology department for otoscope and middle ear CT examination to determine whether it is complicated with mastoiditis?And to exclude whether it is bone ulcer type and cholesteatoma type otitis media.Make a clear diagnosis and actively treat.

       Ear pain is a common disease. Otitis media is the most common disease in clinical practice. Most of the inflammatory lesions that affect all or part of the middle ear are non-specific arranged inflammation, which manifests as pain in the ear, fever, aversion to cold, and Bitter mouth, red or yellow urine, constipation, hearing loss, etc.If the tympanic membrane is perforated, pus will flow out of the ear and the pain will be reduced.

       1. Wear headphones to listen to music when taking public transportation. Listen to music in public transportation or private cars. Since the volume needs to be adjusted to cover the volume of the transportation, the number of decibels will be higher than when it is quiet.Prolonged exposure to this condition can easily damage hearing.

       4. Often in a noisy environment. If the human body is in a noisy environment for a long time, the auditory nerve will be extremely excited for a long time, causing strain on the inner ear hair cells, and triggering changes in the structure and function of the central auditory system, causing hearing disorders. Hearing loss problems such as tinnitus and noise-induced deafness occur.

       10. Ignore the cold, rhinitis, pharyngitis, sinusitis, rhinitis, and pharyngitis. They can spread to form secretory otitis media.Other otitis media will discharge pus, but secretory otitis media will not discharge pus, so it is easy to be ignored.

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