Is presbycusis normal?


 However, 80% of the elderly suffer from hearing loss without intervention, which eventually leads to deafness.Elderly deafness will make the elderly more lonely, causing psychological trauma, slow response, and mental decline.Studies have shown that presbycusis is positively related to brain atrophy and Alzheimer’s. With hearing loss and disuse of auditory function, atrophy may be aggravated and Alzheimer’s arrives earlier.

 Therefore, it is very important for the elderly to intervene and treat as early as possible to preserve the residual hearing to improve their quality of life in their later years.


      Presbycusis is a natural phenomenon of human aging. At present, there is no more effective way to reverse this phenomenon. Only some treatments can improve part of the patient’s hearing or slow down the progress of deafness.So, how to treat presbycusis?

     Commonly used drugs that can be treated with drugs are:

     ①Neurotrophic agents that dilate blood vessels and improve microcirculation, such as Sibelin, Persantin, Dibazole, Danshen, Mailuoning, Luoxintong, Nimodipine, Dioxinxuekang, and low-molecular dextran, etc.; ②Endocrine agents, such as sex hormones, etc. ;

     ③Lipoprotein preparations, such as Antomin, etc.;

     ④Vitamins, such as vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin E, etc.; ⑤Proprietary Chinese medicines for promoting blood circulation, removing blood stasis and dispelling qi, such as Yufeng Ningxin Tablets, Songling Xuemaikang, Ertong Renci Pills, Deaf Fucong Decoction, etc.; Medicines and tranquilizers, such as Anshen Buxin Pill, Tianma Pills, Valium, Doxepin, Carbamazepine, etc.

It is clinically proven that the above drugs are only effective for a small number of patients with early presbycusis, and the effects are similar.

     Can be treated by supplementing trace elements


     Treat deafness by treating systemic diseases

     According to clinical observations, people suffering from diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease and hyperlipidemia have a significantly higher incidence of deafness.Therefore, timely and reasonable treatment of the above diseases can effectively prevent or reduce the occurrence of deafness.In the absence of contraindications, patients with deafness can also be treated with hyperbaric oxygen.This type of therapy can also improve the patient’s hearing.

     WearHearing aid

Patients with severe deafness can be equipped with suitable powerHearing aid.This allows the patient to talk with others, and avoids the patient’s loneliness and pessimism due to deafness.Patients can also participate in language training and lip-reading training to enhance their ability to understand language.

     Proper physical exercise

     Life lies in movement, and the function of various organs in the human body also lies in activity.Properly engaging in mental and physical activities is a health-care remedy to prolong life and delay aging.In addition to doing some appropriate exercises every day, the elderly can also rub and massage the ear shells 80-100 times to enhance the blood circulation of the ears and maintain the normal function of hearing.

     Maintain a healthy mindset

     Arrange daily life reasonably, be broad-minded, make more friends, participate in group activities, avoid loneliness, and maintain a good mood.This also has a certain effect on preventing deafness.

     Pay attention to diet

     Avoid “three highs and one low” (high sugar, high salt, high cholesterol, low vitamins) in diet, and avoid fast food, hot food, cold food, and overeating.Eat more foods high in zinc and iron, such as black fungus, lean meat, fish, beans, etc.Drink some milk every day, eat 1-2 eggs, and quit smoking and limit alcohol.

     Do not use drugs at will

     When you are sick, you should use drugs rationally under the guidance of a doctor.Those drugs that are toxic to hearing, such as gentamicin, kanamycin, and streptomycin, should be used with caution.

    Avoid noise stimulation

     Any volume higher than 90 decibels is harmful to hearing.Therefore, stay away from noisy environments.When listening to the radio with earplugs, also control the volume and listening time.

Regular physical examination

     Elderly persons with conditions should have a comprehensive physical examination every six months to one year.If a systemic disease or hearing loss is found, it should be treated in time to prevent the further development of the disease.

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