How many decibels is considered severe?

      According to the location and nature of the lesion, it can be divided into three categories.Conductive deafness: Diseases of the sound transmission mechanism of the outer and middle ears, obstacles to the transmission of sound waves into the inner ear, for example, deafness caused by cerumen embolism, otitis media, etc.Sensorineural deafness: Refers to the cochlear spiral organ disease, which cannot change the sound wave into nerve excitement or the nerve and its central pathway cannot be transmitted into the nerve excitement; or the cerebral cortex can not distinguish the language, collectively referred to as sensorineural deafness.Mixed deafness: There are lesions in the sound transmission and sensory organs at the same time.

      1. Pay attention to the prevention of congenital deafness, strengthen genetic research, and adopt eugenic measures.

      2. Strengthen the health care of pregnant women, avoid virus infection and syphilis infection, and prevent the abuse of ototoxic antibiotics.

      3. Control and treat various infectious diseases that may cause deafness, such as meningitis, measles, mumps, typhoid fever, scarlet fever, malaria, etc.

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